Vitamin B12

Low energy, confusion, sleep problems, memory problems, irritability and mood swings. 

If you have any of these (Many of us do), you may be deficient in Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is not like other vitamins and many of us benefit from supplementation. In fact, a Tufts University study suggests 40 percent of us between ages 26 and 83 are in the “low normal” range, where we may be experiencing symptoms.

Vitamin B12High Risk Groups

If you are over age 60 or use medications like Metformin or Nexium or any of the other drugs prescribed for GERD or heartburn (PPIs), you’re in the highest risk group.

Or if you have Crohn’s or IBS.

And if you are a vegan or vegetarian, you definitely don’t get enough B12. There is no Vitamin B12 in plants.

The foods highest in B12 are liver, eggs, beef, salmon and milk. If you don’t eat them, you’re probably not getting enough B12.

Even people without clinically low levels of vitamin B12 report higher levels of energy, clearer thinking, and better sleep when they supplement with B12.

Vitamin B12 is also commonly prescribed to support weight loss programs.

There are other benefits too, including reduced risk for heart disease.

Why B12 shots?

As people get older, many don’t absorb Vitamin B12 like they used to. An injection is a sure thing. It goes right into the muscle where it gets absorbed directly.

If you want to try B12 shots, you can ask your doctor. Or just come to us at InOut Labs.