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Online Training

Online training is easy and is an essential part of your onboarding process for new supervisors.

Our most popular courses are for Supervisor Training and DER Training. 

Read about why Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion is so critical. 

What is Supervisor Training?

The Value of Reasonable Suspicion Training

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At The And Of The Program, Supervisors Should Understand

  • The different components of the Drug-Free Workplace Policy

  • Their role in implementing the Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Every employer has an obligation to provide a safe and secure workplace.

If supervisors are not trained to effectively and responsibly deal with substance abuse, the employer may be liable.

At The End Of The Training, Supervisors Should Know How To

  • Identify and investigate crisis situations

  • Recognize workplace problems that may be related to alcohol and other drugs

  • Intervene in problem situations

  • Refer employees who have problems with alcohol and other drugs

  • Protect employee confidentiality

  • Continue to supervise employees who have been referred to assistance

  • Avoid enabling and common supervisor trapse

Live Supervisor Training Events

Face-to-Face training is more engaging and interactive when it comes to explaining your employee drug testing program
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