Comprehensive Employment Screening


Drug testing. DOT Compliance. Background Checks.

Protect your business from decreased productivity, absenteeism and workers comp claims. 

And from “love letters” from the DOT for non-compliance.


DOT Services

DOT Consortium

Stay compliant with DOT regulations for drug & alcohol testing. We can help you set up workplace policies and help you with random testing.

Drug Testing

Drug & Alcohol abuse in the workplace is on the rise. InOut Labs will help you set up a workplace drug and alcohol testing policy and testing program,

Background Checks

Comprehensive background check solutions for businesses. Searches include work history, education, criminal record, and possibly include a credit check.

Big Industries

Industries We Serve

Our clients come from many industries, including transportation, delivery services, auto dealerships, auto repair, casinos, contracting and staffing. Many are regulated by the US DOT.

Drug Free Workplace

Drug Free Workplace Services

A Drug Free Workplace includes a written policy, supervisor training, employee education, employee assistance, and drug and alcohol testing. We’ll help you with all of it.

Other Lab Testing Services

Other Business Services

In addition to drug testing, InOut Labs also offers criminal background checks, corporate wellness screening, live or online training, titers and TB testing.