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Health and Wellness

  • North Shore Body Contouring Founded by Steven Demerer, a Niles Chiropractor, North Shore Body Contouring offers latest treatment and very first LED non-invasive body contouring system.
  • Nutritional Health Solutions Renée Barasch helps people with nutrition and digestion issues that may be the source of low energy, weak immune systems, poor sleep quality, headaches, joint and muscle pain and general feelings of not feeling well. PH-847-207-2034
  • Tash Fitness Sharan Tash has a great personal story, having lost many pounds herself (used to weigh 300 lbs.), and she “gets it.” Located in Skokie, she caters to women only — specifically those who don’t want to work out it a gym (or don’t know how). No judgment and she cares.
  • Results 22 The last diet you’ll ever need. Used the Ideal Protein protocol. Ideal Protein is a short-term plan, with a beginning, a middle, and an end.
  • Vibrant Health Dr. Fatima Vilich is an MD who specializes in functional medicine. Rather than treating symptoms, she looks for the causes of problems and goes after them.
  • You Save On Meds Affordable prescription meds. High drug prices in the United States make it nearly impossible for many Americans to get the prescriptions they need to lead a healthy life. Millions of Americans, who are looking for ways to reduce their prescription drug costs, have found the answer in Canada and overseas. Many high cost name brand drugs are available in Canada and overseas as cost.saving generics.
  • Feel Good Again Health Amy Andrews is a specialist in finding out why your hormones are messed up. She works with men and women and offers natural solutions.
  • Enhance Nutrition Marcy Kirshenbaum helps you make practical and sustainable changes specifically addressing your issues through a healthy lifestyle.

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