Many markets served by InOut Labs

From individuals to businesses, everyone needs testing. Whether it’s direct-to-consumer wellness tests, DNA paternity testing, corporate wellness screening, or drug and alcohol testing programs, our clients don’t fit just one profile.


Auto dealers – we specialize in multiple locations and fast results.
Auto service – technicians working under cars are at risk for injury if impaired.


DOT and non-DOT

FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Compliance

Pre-site Access Drug Testing

Unique solutions for contractors who work in remote locations. Ask us about lab-based oral fluid tests.

Other Businesses

  • Businesses with high turnover
  • Businesses with high workers comp rates
  • Businesses with vehicles on the road


If you test associates in house, ask us about test kits. We may be able to save you a few bucks.


Workers Comp Attorneys

Illinois’ intoxication defense law provides employers some protection if the employee was under the influence at the time of an accident. Make sure your company policy requires post-accident drug and alcohol testing. Even better, implement a random testing program to reduce the risk of accidents entirely.

Family Law Attorneys

DNA Relationship Testing
Drug and Alcohol Testing

Immigration Law Attorneys

DNA Relationship Testing

College students

Job interview coming up and not sure you’ll pass the drug test?

Make some bad decisions with the wrong partner?

Confidential testing that will not appear in any of your records.

We also offer testing for Healthcare Students.

Drug tests

STD tests

Pregnancy test

DNA paternity test

Need more info?

If you are a business and want to learn about drug testing, call us at 847-657-7900, or send us a message with the best time to contact you.

If you are an individual and need help deciding which test(s) to order, we are here to help. Call us at 847-657-7900, or send us a message with the best time to contact yo