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Need a drug test result quickly? At 5000 In Network testing centers, you can receive same-day drug test results. Search here for In-Network testing centers.

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Most “In Network” locations can perform them.
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About Instant Drug Testing

An instant drug test is exactly what it sounds like; results are available right away, at the point where it’s collected, usually within a few minutes.

POCT = Point of Collection Test.

Also known as an immunoassay screening; its purpose is to detect any presence of that category of drugs in the specimen. The result is either negative (it’s not present) or non-negative (it is present). We never consider a non-negative instant drug as a “positive” result.

Also called rapid drug tests, instant drug tests typically use urine or oral fluid (saliva) for the test specimen.

Any non-negative specimens are sent to a lab for confirmation, and, if positive, review by an MRO.

Instant or rapid drug tests are an effective way to get quick negative results.

Available at 5000 locations across the U.S.

  • Lab confirmation and MRO review are included if the result is not negative.
  • If you order an instant test and there are no testing locations available in your area, your test will be changed to a standard laboratory test.

  • Negative results will be e-mailed to you within 2 hours and non-negative results will go to the Lab for further confirmation testing and MRO review. Those results will take several business days.

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Instant (rapid) drug tests are not available in every state or at every network location.

The following states have restrictions on instant or rapid drug testing:

  • Kansas – Prohibited for all employees
  • Maine – Pre-employment only
  • Maryland – Employer must register with the State. Pre-employment only.
  • Minnesota – Prohibited for all employees
  • Nevada – Must be performed in a licensed facility
  • New York – Must be performed in a licensed facility
  • North Carolina – Pre-employment only
  • Oklahoma – Must be performed at a certified collection site
  • Oregon – Sites must become POCT registered
  • Puerto Rico – Prohibited for all employees
  • Vermont – Prohibited for all employees