Founders Story

A Message From Tim Thoelecke

I was never meant to have a job. I tried it a couple of times, but it never felt right. I’d rather set the course than follow it. My father owned, built and sold a successful business, so it may be in my DNA.

InOut Labs is an expression of my values. InOut Labs’ Mission Statement is simply “Making testing painless.

To do good –help others impact their lives and businesses for the better.

InOut Labs is a force for good. We help employers be more productive and maintain safe, drug-free workplaces. We keep the drug testing process effortless for them.

And we enable individuals to take responsibility for their own health and lives.

  • Hormone, DNA, STD and drug testing.
  • Specialty lab tests, including gluten sensitivity, food allergies, micronutrients gut pathogens.
  • All without a doctor’s order
  • All confidential – we put control in the customer’s hands.

InOut Labs is a true expression of my values. I always appreciate feedback, so please feel free to contact me at any time.

Tim Thoelecke, Founder InOut Labs