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Flu Shot Clinics in Chicago

The flu vaccine offers your best defense against the flu. Contrary to the claims of some, the flu vaccine does not cause the flu. It will, however, significantly lower your chance of getting sidelined by influenza this season. It also dramatically lessens your symptoms if you do in fact contract the flu.

Getting your flu shot is especially important this year. With COVID-19 expected to spike this fall and winter, vaccination against influenzea is more important than ever.

Flu Shot advantages


COVID-19 and flu have many similar symptoms – fever, chills, shortness of breath, sore throat, fatigue.  Employee flu vaccination programs help to promote workplace health.

Flu cases were low in 2020. And health experts attribute that to the preventive measures taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

With much of the country back at work and masking recommendations relaxed, getting a flu shot is more important than ever.


The flu vaccine is made up of inactivated, non-infectious versions of the flu virus which expose you to just enough of the virus so that your body develops antibodies that fight the flu virus.

When you get the flu vaccine, your body develops antibodies against the strains of the flu virus that have been included in the vaccine, a process that takes about two weeks.

Each year the flu virus mutates a bit, so that is why you need to be vaccinated every year.


Fall is the time for workplace flu shot clinics. Flu shot clinics are a nice employee benefit, but also help protect the employer from lost workdays do to influenza outbreaks.

Flu shot clinic are easy and take very little employee time

Flu shot clinics take the burden off of employees to go get it on their own

Flu shot clinics are a great opportunity to apply some positive peer pressure. When people see their coworkers sign up, they will feel compelled to do the same.

Protecting your workforce means protecting the company during flu season. It’s in your best interest as an employer to have as many employees as possible protected from the flu.

Providing a flu shot in the workplace lets your employees know you care about them. You may even consider inviting their families!