About Tim Thoelecke

Tim Thoelecke, CSAPA, is the founder of InOut Labs. InOut Labs is a nationwide provider of employee drug testing services, and your best choice for affordable, direct-to-consumer health tests. Tim Thoelecke is a Certified Substance Abuse Program Administrator, Breath Alcohol Technician Trainer and a Certified Professional Collector Trainer, certified in drug and alcohol testing for DOT and non-DOT employers. He is a graduate of Duke University, the Keller Graduate School of Business, the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, and he founded InOut Labs to help employers and individuals take control of their health, culture and safety. InOut Labs also provides corporate wellness screenings, flu shot clinics, DNA testing and direct-to-consumer lab tests and B12 shots. Tim is an enthusiastic networker and enjoys connecting people. InOut Labs is BBB Accredited with an A+ Rating. www.inoutlabs.com www.labtestshop.com

InOut Labs’ Timothy Thoelecke achieves CSAPA certification to become Certified Substance Abuse Professional Administrator Thoelecke is now one of 64 Certified Substance Abuse Professional Administrators and is recognized as a specialist demonstrating proficiency in the field InOut Labs, a drug and alcohol testing organization, has officially announced that founder Timothy Thoelecke has passed [...]

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InOut Labs Founder Tim Thoelecke Jr Presents to Safety Professionals

On Wednesday, September 21, 2022, InOut Labs’ founder Tim Thoelecke Jr presented “Drug Testing 101 — Facts and Myths” to a room full of EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) professionals at the Chicagoland  Health, Safety and Environmental Conference at the Northern Illinois University campus in Naperville, Illinois. An engaged audience had many questioned answered [...]

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InOut Labs Offers DOT-Compliant Drug Testing in Michigan

September 01, 2022 - InOut Labs, which is based in Morton Grove, IL, is happy to announce that they are now offering DOT-compliant drug testing services for employers in Michigan. InOut Labs is focused on helping clients comply with regulations on drug and alcohol testing as enforced by the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety [...]

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It’s just a little weed. Or is it?

Sometimes a regular visitor to our clinic brings a gift of appreciation for staff. Usually it is baked goods, a gift card, or a Starbucks. Today we received we received something special. "It's really good stuff a buddy in California sent me," he says. He was in for something other than a drug test, [...]

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Compliance Checklist for Owner-Operators

For owner-operators, it’s critical for your business to stay in compliance with government regulations. Here’s an Owner Operator DOT compliance checklist to help you stay on top of the most common compliance requirements. 1) Drug and Alcohol Testing Owner-operators are required to participate in a Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug and Alcohol testing program. A [...]

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What Happens If My Employees Don’t Complete The Random Drug Testing Before the End of the Quarter?

The answer depends on whether the random selection program is a DOT regulated program or a non-DOT program. DOT has specific requirements. DOT Random Drug Testing In a DOT regulated random testing program, all random tests are supposed to be conducted in the period when the selections were made. An employee selected, for example, in [...]

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Converting From an Owner Operator to Employer

As an Owner Operator, when you take on employees, your DOT FMCSA requirements change. 1) Written Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy Owner Operators do not really need to have a written substance abuse policy. Employers do. FMCSA regulation Part 382 specifically requires that employers have a written policy that is distributed to each driver. 362.601 [...]

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Post Accident Drug Testing

What if a driver is involved in an accident? The rules for Post-Accident Testing state that if a vehicle is towed from the scene of an accident and the driver receives a traffic citation, that the employer must conduct a DOT Post-Accident Drug and Alcohol Test. Rule of Thumb: No ticket, no test. The Post-Accident [...]

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DOT Audit Checklist: Preparing for a DOT Program Review

DOT auditors are responsible for making sure employer are in compliance with the federal regulations for DOT drug and alcohol testing. We've compiled a DOT audit checklist that represent most of the records a DOT Agency and USCG auditor, inspector, or investigator will usually request and review during a program review. Keep in [...]

Top 3 FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Testing Violations (Part 382)

What happens in a DOT Audit? When it comes to FMCSA Drug Violations, here is what comes from the FMCSA: 1: Allowing a driver to operate with a suspended/revoked CDL Employers who were fined for allowing a driver to operate with a suspended/revoked CDL paid an average fine amount of $8,991. This is what [...]