InOut Labs, a leading provider of employee drug testing solutions nationwide, is excited to announce the nationwide availability of Proctored Instant Oral Fluid Drug Tests. These tests not only ensure compliance with new laws in California but also offer unparalleled convenience for employees who no longer need to visit a collection site. The innovative testing method is proctored via secure video conference, providing an efficient and observed process.

Responding to the evolving needs of businesses and individuals, InOut Labs has introduced Proctored Instant Oral Fluid Drug Tests (from NOVIR) with a focus on compliance, accuracy, and user convenience. This testing solution allows employees to undergo drug tests from the comfort of their own location, eliminating the need to travel to a collection site.

One of the key advantages of the proctored video conference approach is the increased efficacy of the testing process. Employees can securely connect with a trained professional through video conferencing, ensuring that the test is observed in real-time. This method minimizes the risk of tampering and provides employers with the assurance that the results are accurate and reliable.

“Our Proctored Instant Oral Fluid Drug Tests offer a revolutionary approach to drug testing. By leveraging secure video conferencing, we provide a convenient and effective solution for employees who no longer need to visit a collection site. This not only enhances the overall testing experience but also ensures compliance and accuracy,” said Tim Thoelecke, C-SAPA, Founder at InOut Labs.

Employers and individuals can find detailed information about the process and benefits of proctored video conference testing at InOut Labs’ website. The webpage outlines the step-by-step procedure, addressing any concerns about the security and reliability of remote testing. Individuals may also order directly from Drug Testing Shop.

InOut Labs’ commitment to innovation is reflected in its effort to make drug testing more accessible without compromising on compliance or accuracy. The proctored video conference option adds a new dimension to the testing experience, providing a seamless solution for employers and individuals alike.

For more information about InOut Labs and their Proctored Instant Oral Fluid Drug Tests with video conference proctoring, compliance with California laws, and available test panels, please visit InOut Labs or contact InOut Labs at 847-657-7900.