What is the acceptable level of substance abusers in your workplace?

Is 10 percent acceptable? Five percent? Shouldn’t it be zero? The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) conducts a survey every year. 10.2% of all Americans are substance abusers. One in ten.  In companies that drug test, the positive rate is between 4 and 5% in the aggregate. Remember, that’s in companies that [...]

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Policies can counter safety hazards from prescription misuse

A survey done by National Safety Council found that 70% of workplaces have been impacted by employee misuse of prescription drugs. Link to the survey here. Quote: Tim Thoelecke Jr., president of Morton Grove, Illinois-based InOut Labs, which provides employee drug testing services nationwide, said the cost to test for such drugs isn’t prohibitive. He believes companies likely [...]

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Don’t sleep well? GERD or IBS? Dragging in the afternoon? Trouble losing weight?

Could be a food sensitivity. Many conventional physicians may not recognize “leaky gut syndrome,” but growing evidence suggests a link between “leaky gut” and numerous conditions from chronic fatigue syndrome to multiple sclerosis (MS). What is "leaky" gut? Researchers believe that damage to the intestinal lining causes a "leaky" gut. Increased intestinal permeability allows some [...]

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Legal Marijuana Requires Reassessing Hospital Drug Policies

Click the image above to open PDF version Tim Thoelecke Jr. from InOut Labs Quoted in Healthcare Risk Management Evolving state laws regarding the legal use of marijuana mean that healthcare providers’ existing policies on drug use should be reviewed to ensure they do not violate labor laws or provide an opportunity for [...]

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What exactly IS a “random” drug test?

“I’d like to send an employee in for a random drug test.” I get calls like this frequently. It usually means they suspect an employee is using some kind of prohibited substance and they want to conduct a test. On the surface it seems like a reasonable request. But it’s not a truly random drug [...]

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This test could save your life. And your doctor may not order it for you.

Half of all heart attack patients have “normal” cholesterol. So why do they have heart attacks? Are we missing something with conventional cholesterol tests? 50% of heart attack patients have normal cholesterol. In a standard lipid panel, we test for HDL (the “good” cholesterol), LDL (the “bad” cholesterol), Triglycerides (fat) and Total Cholesterol. A [...]

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INOUT LABS | PRESS RELEASE For immediate release: February 6, 2017   CARDIO TEST REVEALS HEART DISEASE RISK MISSED BY CONVENTIONAL TEST. A Cardio IQ Test that could reveal heart disease risks often missed by conventional cholesterol tests, has been launched to those in the Chicago area. The Quest Diagnostics test, offered by Chicago area [...]

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Are you ready for a DOT Audit?

If you have employees that operate Commercial Motor Vehicles* as defined by the U.S. Department of Transportation, you may be audited by the DOT. Significant violations can result in fines totaling tens of thousands of dollars. What are they looking for? Among other things, DOT auditors are looking to see whether you are in compliance [...]

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Vitamin B12 Shots Might Make You Feel Better

Low energy, confusion, sleep problems, memory problems, irritability and mood swings.  If you have any of these (Many of us do), you may be deficient in Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is not like other vitamins and many of us benefit from supplementation. In fact, a Tufts University study suggests 40 percent of [...]

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4 Frequently Asked Questions About Your Drug Policy

Q. Do I have to allow medical or recreational use of marijuana since it is legal in my state? A. The short answer is no. So far. Up to this point, every time an employee has challenged a company’s drug policy, the company has prevailed.  The operational word, though, is “policy.” If your company has [...]

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