A thumb is worth four times as much as a big toe?

Many years ago, I remember driving through the state of Pennsylvania. As you entered the state, there was a menu which described the fines for speeding. It was memorable because you could decide what level of fine you were willing to risk by going 5, 10, or 50 mph over the speed limit. It was [...]

Can POST-ACCIDENT drug testing reduce workers comp claims?

A worker has an accident. Someone may or may not be hurt. Perhaps the incident could have been averted with a decent random testing program, but it’s too late to think about that. Note to self: “Add random testing program to next week’s company meeting agenda.” Now what? Will there be a claim? What's it going [...]

Workers comp costs more than you think.

No one likes workers comp claims. Not the employer. Not the insurance company. And certainly not the person who got hurt. In addition to the cost of the claim itself, employers must hire and train a replacement and deal with the lost productivity and associated business disruption. Chris Bassler, of Bassler & Co., a Northbrook-based [...]