FAA Annual Random Testing Rates Remain Unchanged for 2019

FAA has released their annual random testing rates and they remain unchanged for 2019 at 25% for random drug testing and 10% for random alcohol testing. This covers all safety-sensitive employees. As per the federal register notice: Pursuant to 14 CFR 120.109(b), the FAA Administrator’s decision on whether to change the minimum annual random drug testing [...]

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USCG Increases Annual Random Testing Rate to 50% for 2019

The US Coast Guard has announced it's annual random testing rate for drugs. It's increased from 25% in 2018 to 50% in 2019. The increase can be attributed to a positive rate of greater than 1% in the most recent reporting year as per MIS data. Random drug testing acts as a major deterrent to [...]

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FRA Annual Random Testing Rates Remain Unchanged For 2019

DOT Agencies release random annual testing rates every calendar year. The random drug and alcohol testing rates are determined by various factors and can go up, down or remain unchanged based on the number of positive test results in the previous year. As per the federal register notice, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has kept [...]

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FMCSA Random Testing Rates Remain Unchanged For 2019

The random rates for 2019 will remain at 25% for drug and 10% for alcohol. As per the Part 382 language below, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration does not post a Federal Register notice unless they are changing the random rate. 382.305(f) The FMCSA Administrator's decision to increase or decrease the minimum annual percentage [...]

FTA Increases Random Testing Rate to 50% for 2019

Each agency under the US Dept of Transportation sets its own random testing rates. As a general rule, rates go up when thee is a pattern of increased positive test results, and they go down when positive results decline. Effective January 1, 2019, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) will increase the minimum rate of random [...]

DOT Post-Accident Drug and Alcohol Tests

  DOT has very specific rules for DOT Post-Accident Drug and Alcohol Tests. Fender benders do not apply. A DOT Post-Accident Drug Test must be conducted within 32 hours of the accident and a DOT Post-Accident Breath Alcohol Test as soon as possible, but always within 8 hours. If the accident does not meet the [...]