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My husband is the only one who drives. Does he really have to read the policy and sign the acknowledgement form?

The regulations require that every driver receive a policy meeting specific requirements. The regulations also require that employers obtain a receipt signed by the driver to verify that he has received the drug and alcohol program requirements. These rules apply to all employers, even owner-operators. [49 CFR Part 382.601].

One of my drivers was in a minor accident. There weren’t any injuries or citations, but the truck was towed. Do I need to send him for a Post-Accident test?

Under FMCSA rules, in an accident where there is disabling damage to a motor vehicle or bodily injury with immediate medical treatment away from the scene, the driver is subject to Post-Accident testing only if he receives a citation. Post-Accident testing must always be conducted in the event of a human fatality. Employers with a [...]