I was dropping my car off for an oil change (and a few other things I hadn’t planned on), and asked Brian if they did any drug testing there. He tells me they do only pre-employment testing and directed me to “the new guy.” I asked Newbie about his experience. He was not thrilled.

With wide eyes and a bit of¬†embarrassment, Newbie ¬†proceeds to describe his experience. When he said “She watched me!” my jaw dropped. There isn’t much more to say. But I will.

It was an “observed” collection. Unless you play professional sports, or are in the military, or you are a truck driver with a history of flunking drug tests, this is a big no-no. Pee in private. Period.

AND, if it were one of those situations where it is acceptable (required) to do an observed collection, it is absolutely verboten for the observer to be of the opposite sex! No-no number 2.

Who’s responsible for putting this potential employee in this spot? If he had complained, who would take the heat?

Make sure your drug testing provider knows what he or she is doing. At InOut Labs, we are DATIA Certified Professional Collectors. There is no higher level training than that.