What the Heck is EtG test?

Ethyl Glucuronide, aka EtG, is a metabolite of ethanol. A metabolite is simply what your body produces in response to the ingestion of ethanol.

Two Types Of Tests:

  • Hair follicle EtG alcohol test – Hair is cut at skin level (not actually the follicle) and sent to the lab where it is washed and otherwise prepared before testing.
  • Urine EtG alcohol test – Urine is collected as with any other drug test and sent to the lab for testing.

The procedures for the tests are similar and would either produce a negative or a positive test, depending on the concentration of EtG in the body.

There is a difference in the two tests in terms of the “look-back” period. A “look-back” period is also known as the detection window, or how much far in the past the lab can detect alcohol use.

The two tests are explained below:

  • Alcohol EtG Hair Follicle Test – The look-back period in this test is approximately 90 days. If a person consumed alcohol in the last three months, this test would report a positive test result
  • Urine EtG Alcohol Test – The look-back period is approximately 80 hours, though it can vary. If a person consumed alcohol in the last three days or so, this test would report a positive test result

Who Orders a Test?

Since alcohol is legal, alcohol tests are generally not used in the workplace. They are used primarily for zero tolerance situations. Examples:

  • A court-ordered requirement due to a child custody case
  • For proving innocence in a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrest
  • As follow up to a DUI case in some states
  • Some domestic disputes
  • Family members who want to keep an eye on a loved one

How to Pass an EtG Alcohol Test

The obvious answer is – the only safest way to pass an alcohol test is to abstain consuming alcohol. That is why you’ve been required to take the alcohol test: zero tolerance.

How InOut Labs Can Help

You can order an EtG test at www.inoutlabs.com/alcoholtest. Or call us with questions at 847-657-7900

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