It’s what entrepreneurs do. They think about ways to provide services and products to people.

Glenview’s Tim Thoelecke runs InOut Labs in Morton Grove, whose core business is conducting employee drug testing to employers nationwide.

Founded in 2012, InOut Labs also will work directly with consumers to test for other things such as DNA, food allergies, cholesterol levels, “anything that they might get from a doctor,” Thoelecke said.

After the coronavirus hit, Thoelecke pivoted to offer testing for that, too.

“At first I had no interest in testing for COVID. People kept asking, though. At some point it kind of occurred to me it’s kind of my responsibility to make it available. We’re uniquely positioned to be able to do it,” said Thoelecke, pronounced “tele-key.”

He has this business, but he also has a conscience.

“I struggled with the idea of appearing opportunistic,” said Thoelecke, a 1982 Glenbrook South graduate whose three children also were Titans.

“Even though it’s an opportunity, I didn’t want to feel opportunistic. I really feel it’s filling a need to test asymptomatic people,” he said.