For immediate release: February 6, 2017



A Cardio IQ Test that could reveal heart disease risks often missed by conventional cholesterol tests, has been launched to those in the Chicago area.

The Quest Diagnostics test, offered by Chicago area based InOut Labs, goes beyond the standard lipid panel, and could identify areas of risk, even in heart patients deemed to have ‘normal’ cholesterol levels by doctors.

“In many cases, patients pass a standard lipid panel, yet still go on to have a heart attack, so the additional test could provide vital information on underlying problems,” says owner Tim Thoelecke.

This has been addressed in a recent paper assessing lipid levels in patients hospitalized with coronary artery disease

While a standard lipid panel test identifies the “good” cholesterol (HDL), “bad” cholesterol (LDL), fat (triglyceride), and total cholesterol, the Cardio IQ panel goes a step further, assessing the size and number of each cholesterol particle. This additional check could prove vital in identifying those particles that could ultimately cause a blockage in the vessels.

The Cardio IQ test can be ordered easily without a referral from a doctor, and each test provides access to the 4MyHeart program (

The test produces an extensive, easy-to-understand results report, highlighting the true state of a patient’s heart, and a 30-minute phone consultation with a Clinical Educator helps to explain this further.
“The perfect gift this Valentine’s Day is the gift of heart health as February is American Heart Month!” says Thoelecke.

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