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Immigration DNA Test

Immigration DNA testing can help expedite the Immigration Application approval process. The USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) recommends DNA testing to prove biological relationships for many who are trying to bring relatives to the U.S.

How does it work?

Usually the Petitioner is in the U.S and the Beneficiary is abroad.  We arrange for the Petitioner’s sample (a cheek swab) to be collected near home using very specific chain of custody procedures and forms. We ship a DNA collection kit to the U.S. Embassy or USCIS office in the country where the Beneficiary lives.

When the Embassy receives the kit, they contact the Beneficiary and collect the sample using the same, strict chain of custody procedures.  This process can take several weeks. Both samples are shipped directly to our AABB-accredited DNA laboratory where the samples are tested and compared. The legally defensible test results with explanation are sent to the proper immigration authorities, with a copy to us, which we deliver to you.

What are the common relationships tested in an immigration DNA test?

  • Father

  • Mother

  • Biological child

  • Parental aunt/ uncle/grandfather

  • Full brother or sister/half-brother or sister

What more should I know about Legal Immigration DNA Testing?

  • In additon to the costs in the US, the beneficiary may be required to pay a collection fee when submitting his sample at the Embassy.

  • Mere submission of samples for DNA immigration test does not guarantee the subsequent issue of a visa or passport.

Is Legal Immigration DNA Testing required to get my immigration application processed?

Not at all. Legal Immigration DNA Testing is performed only in the best interests of the applicant. In general, every country has its own legal requirements to approve an immigration application. If available paperwork is not sufficient, immigration officials, or your immigration attorney may ask applicants for an Immigration DNA Test.

What samples are used for Legal Immigration DNA Testing?

Legal Immigration DNA Testing is a painless and comfortable process conducted with cheek swab samples. Alternative sample may sometimes be used, but it’s primarlly cheek cells.

What does the DNA testing process involve?

The main applicant or the petitioner would receive information from the Embassy or the Visa Consulate requiring you to prove your biological relationship with the family members you have applied for immigration for.

You would need an accredited DNA testing laboratory familiar with Immigration to shepherd you through the process