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About Maternity DNA Test

A maternity DNA test is used to prove the identity of a mother in cases like adoption or for proving relationships for immigration. A Maternity DNA Test is a simple, safe and reliable process that is a legally accepted and valid evidence to prove your a maternal relationship.

What are the types of maternity DNA testing?

There are two types of maternity DNA testing available.

Why would you need a maternity DNA test?

  • When a mother or a relative suspects that a child was switched with another in the hospital.

  • To verify the facts related to surrogacy and to ensure that the correct ovum was used during the process.

  • For immigration, to prove the relationship with the applicant so as to be an eligible dependent or applicant as per the law. See Immigration DNA Testing.

  • To receive benefits of native American tribal membership, and to obtain a child’s birth certificate or other medical records.

  • In cases of reunion after adoption, where a child wants to confirm his/her biological mother.

  • In legal cases of international adoption and to prove that the biological mother is willingly giving the baby for adoption.

A child inherits half of his/her DNA markers from the mother and half from the father.

A maternity DNA test compares the markers between the mother and the child and provides a level of certainty of the relationship.

The maternity test can be performed without the biological father.

The maternity DNA tests are very easy to conduct and convenient for the test takers. All that is required is a swab of cheek cells. It is quick and painless. Alternative samples can be used as well, including blood, hair follicles or fingernails. Ask for for details if a cheek swab is not possible.
Once you have submitted your samples at the lab, you can expect your maternity DNA test results in 3-5 working days.
If the biological mother is not available for the maternity DNA test, you have the following option:

Anyone from your maternal lines, such as your grandmother or your mother’s sister can be tested for mitochondrial DNA testing. The test compares the mitochondrial profile and gives the results which are equally valid as a maternity DNA test.

Mouth swab samples are preferred for the Maternity DNA Test. However, if you cannot provide the samples, you may also use used toothbrushes, hair strands taken from roots, cigarette ends, blood stains and any other sample valid as for any other DNA testing. If you have questions, please ask.

If the individuals to be tested live in different cities, or even different countries, each specimen can be collected individually and compared once the lab receives them. Please let us know this when ordering.