Need a COVID Test for Lollapalooza? You might.

Lollapalooza and other music festivals are up and running again all across the country. For many Chicagoans, this is the highlight of their summer. To attend Lolla, you will need proof of vaccination for COVID-19 or a negative COVID test result within 72 hours before the start of the festival. Read the Lollapalooza requirements here. [...]

What is COVID Serial Testing?

The CDC recommends COVID serial testing when performing rapid antigen tests for COVID-19. Because there may be a delay between the time a person is exposed to the virus and the time that virus can be detected by testing, early testing after exposure at a single time point may miss many infections. Testing that is [...]

Power system safety company implements COVID-testing kits for prompt results to help continue operations with less disruption When RESA Power, based in Houston, first starting sending staff to local COVID-19 testing centers, results were slow and were causing disruptions to business continuity. RESA Power's employees are considered essential, responsible for electrical testing and maintenance at any facility that needs power. Valer Banushi, health and safety director reporting directly to RESA CEO Monte [...]

COVID Testing: Fit-to-Fly – All the details

Pre-travel COVID testing is a way to avoid quarantine. You may even need a negative test to board a plane. Many US states and foreign countries have updated their travel rules and regulations. While some destinations may not have any specific travel guidelines, some airlines have prerequisites that you must follow to travel without any [...]

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What if an Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19?

With many states and cities lifting COVID lockdown restrictions, does your workplace have safety measures in place to cope with the new normal? As employees return to the workplace, employers must have strategies to ensure everyone's wellbeing. The novel coronavirus is here to stay, at least for now. And given its contagious nature, anyone at [...]

COVID testing – PCR vs. Antigen Tests

With the novel coronavirus still dominating the headlines, research is still underway to create the perfect vaccine and develop a foolproof testing method for the virus. The good news is that there are a couple of reliable tests available to diagnose COVID-19. Since the virus spreads through respiratory droplets, people working in high-density settings [...]

COVID-19 Testing: It’s Not a Matter of Personal Privacy

Onsite Testing Strategies for COVID-19 As a business owner or administrator, the onus to protect employees while in your workplace from the spread of the SARS-2-Coronavirus is on you. Oftentimes, employers contact InOut Labs after they experience a workplace outbreak or exposure, which may be too late to contain the spread of infection. What they [...]