How did it get so late so soon? ~ Dr. Seuss

Your time matters. Your employees’ time matters. Productivity is about making the best use of available time, and non-productive employees cost the company money and create friction with those who use their time wisely.

What causes low productivity?

You know your company best, so your list will be better than mine. Your list will likely include one or more of the following. Or should.  In addition to social media/ internet, consider:

  • Illness
  • Stress
  • Smoking breaks
  • Personal issues at home
  • Hangovers
  • Substance abuse

Engaged employers want to uncover productivity-killers and try to reduce them. Employee lifestyle choices are responsible for more than 75% of employers’ health care costs and lost productivity.

Large companies already understand the ROI on wellness (generally 3 to 1) and drug testing programs (higher), yet it’s the smaller ones (10 to 500 employees) that pay the higher price for indifference. A single employee’s health or substance problem can be devastating for a very small company.

Companies of all sizes can consider things like employee assistance programs (EAPs), wellness programs, and drug testing programs. Each of those has a documented positive ROI, and that’s why so many businesses partake.

Effective use of time is critical to business success, especially in today’s environment.

Your time is valuable. Your employees’ time is valuable. Don’t waste it.