Summarized from 49CFR Part 40) and adapted to non-DOT collections. We model DOT protocols for all collections.  The collector may terminate the process at any point if the donor does not cooperate.

Temperature Out of Range Drug Test

Urine specimens are expected to be between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

If below 90 or above 100, the collector is required to collect a second specimen.

For Federal (DOT) collections, the re-collection is under direct observation, meaning a same-sex observer goes in to the restroom with the donor, and both specimens are sent to the lab.

Non-DOT collections generally are not observed and often only the second specimen is sent to the lab. The employer is informed that the first specimen had temperature out of range drug test.

If the donor is not able to produce a second specimen immediately, then the Shy Bladder process is begun.