Summarized from 49CFR Part 40) and adapted to non-DOT collections. We model DOT protocols for all collections.  The collector may terminate the process at any point if the donor does not cooperate.

Urine drug tests require either 30 or 45ml of specimen. If a donor is not able to produce sufficient specimen, the shy bladder process is begun.

A donor is permitted up to 3 hours and up to 40 ounces of water. Most are able to produce a specimen in 20-30 minutes.  Water is provided by staff and logged. All attempts to provide a specimen are also logged. Donors are not required to drink the water.

After 3 hours, if the donor does not provide a specimen, the donor is dismissed and we report the event to the MRO and to the employer. For DOT collections, the MRO will request the donor to provide a medical explanation for the shy bladder. If none is provided, it becomes a Refusal to Test. Non-DOT employers treat it according to company policy.