Understanding drug test results can be a challenging task. Here are some details to help with the understanding drug test results:

Positive – Presence of drugs above the cutoff level

Adulterated – Something has been done to alter the sample

Shy Bladder – Inability to provide a sample

Substituted Specimen / Invalid Specimen – Substance provided was something other than human urine and could not be tested

Negative Dilute – Sample is too diluted to provide results, usually because of excessive water consumption before the drug test often in an attempt to ‘flush’ drugs out of the system and buy time. A retest is often required.

Positive Dilute – A diluted sample but there is a positive result identified within the sample. Positive is positive.

Temperature Out of Range – Sample is is too hot or too cold, which often indicates adulteration or substitution. This will require a second drug test right away, possibly under direct observation, to ensure it is a valid sample. Urine samples are required to be between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit when read within 4 minutes.

Refusal to Test – The donor has been unwilling to provide a usable sample.

Negative – No presence of drugs above the cutoff levels