At InOut Labs, you can order an amazing 17 Panel Hair Drug test!

The 17 Panel test screens for 17 different drugs and can identify a whopping 45 different substances!

The 17 classes of drugs are:

MarijuanaOpiatesSynthetic Opiates


How is it there are 45 substances? Simple (kind of). Each class of drugs can test positive for different variants of that drug. For example, the 17 Panel Hair Drug Test will detect 8 different variants of benzodiazepines.

Hair drug tests are valuable to employers because they detect a pattern of abuse, or a lifestyle. The detection window, or “look back period” for hair drug tests is approximately 90 days.

Often referred to as a “hair follicle” drug test, hair drug tests do not test the follicle at all. Hair is not plucked from the scalp (ouch), but cut very close to the skin.

As with other drug tests offered by InOut Labs, the 17 Panel Hair Drug Test results are medically reviewed, which provides donors with positive results to explain them to an MRO. With such a comprehensive test, it’s not uncommon for valid prescriptions to test positive. The MRO review process sorts the valid ones from the abusers.

You can order the 17 Panel Hair Drug Test here or call us at 847-657-7900 for any questions.