Cancer Screen Panel Male

Our cancer screening panel for men screens for any abnormal tumor markers you may have. Tumor markers are molecules found circulating in your blood. It’s important for men with family history of cancer to be tested.

Cancer Screen Panel Male

Our comprehensive cancer screening panel for male is used to
detect cancer. We request that you have no food for 12 hours prior to testing.

Value Pricing

Get all tests at a price of $392

Tests IncludedTest Description
Sedimentation Rate

To detect the presence of inflammation caused by one or more conditions such as infections, tumors or autoimmune diseases.


To screen for, help diagnose and/or monitor several diseases and conditions, such as kidney disorders or urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

To screen men for prostate cancer, to help determine the necessity for a biopsy of the prostate, to monitor the effectiveness of treatment for prostate cancer.

Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)

This test is used primarily to monitor cancer treatment, including response to therapy and recurrence; as an indicator of the amount of cancer or size of tumor present (tumor burden) and to assist in cancer staging.

Cancer Antigen 19-9

This test is used primarily to monitor response to pancreatic cancer treatment and to watch for recurrence; sometimes to aid in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Cancer Antigen 15-3

Cancer antigen 15-3 (CA 15-3) is a protein that is produced by normal breast cells. In many people with cancerous breast tumors, there is an increased production of CA 15-3 and the related cancer antigen 27.29.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

The comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) is used as a broad screening tool to evaluate organ function and check for conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease. Includes 14 tests.

CBC w / Differential

The complete blood count (CBC) is often used as a broad screening test to determine an individual’s general health status including cardiac risk.

CRP High Sensitivity

The high-sensitivity CRP test measures low levels of CRP in the blood to identify low levels of inflammation that are associated with risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Individual Cancer Screening Tests

Our individual cancer screening tests allow you to select
what’s best for you.

Test NamePrice
Sedimentation Rate45.00
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)49.00
Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)50.00
Cancer Antigen 19-956.00
Cancer Antigen 15-356.00
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)43.00
CBC w / Differential44.00
CRP High Sensitivity48.00