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What’s in the Client Vault?

All DOT- regulated clients are provided access to the Client Vault. Here is what you will find there.

Employer Vault – Documents specific to your organization

DOT Compliance Forms and Documents

Drug Policy Information

Other Resources

  • Employee Education (required by regulations)
  • Employee Education Materials – Employee Receipt (required by regulations)
  • Supervisor Training Acknowledgement Form (required by regulations)
  • Physician Referral Form for Shy Bladder
  • Post-Accident Procedures
  • Reasonable Suspicion Form

Violations Info

  • Actual Knowledge Documentation Form
  • Employer-Determined Documentation of Refusal to Test
  • Driver Notification of Violation Report and Response
  • Employer Authorization for Report to the FMCSA Clearinghouse

FMCSA Clearinghouse Information and Documents

  • Forms and How-Tos for the Clearinghouse