Background checks don’t lie.

Criminal background checkExperts claim that 45% of all resumes contain at least one fabrication; employee fraud is responsible for approximately 6 per cent annual revenue loss; and 18 percent of all violent crimes occur in the workplace. Identify fraud before it harms your business.

Thirty-three percent of employees admit to stealing in the last three years.

One bad hire can sink a small business.

Background screening companies carry out thorough background checks of employees and volunteers hired by you, providing you with peace of mind. InOut Labs partners with one of the most accurate background screening companies in the business and can help you eliminate employee and tenant fraud and workplace crime with comprehensive background screening.

Search our comprehensive background screening resources:

  • Multi-state criminal directory
  • National sex offender directory
  • More than 507 million criminal records
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Credit reports
  • County criminal records
  • SSN validation and Address Tracker
  • Employment and education verification

InOut Labs offers no set-up charges for instant and affordable background screening services.

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Who hires us?

Employers: Background checks are easy. Recovering from theft, violence or other crime in the workplace is not. Neither is something as simple as an auto accident. Make sure you order a background check that includes the employee’s driving record.

Landlords: Many landlords have also recognized the importance of tenant background checks. Checking the background of a tenant is important in order to keep your neighborhood safe from criminals. Besides carrying out a criminal record check, tenant screenings also help you evaluate if the prospective tenant would be able to pay his/ her rent on time.

Educational Institutions: Student background check or student screening is a critical enrollment requirement today. Career colleges conduct criminal background screening so that they don’t end up enrolling students with criminal histories, which contributes to a positive student culture and reduces the risk of violence and other crime. Many educational institutions also hire us for drug and alcohol screening.

Healthcare facilities: Many healthcare facilities also have an employee background screening policy. The background checks are generally conducted on specific employees who have access to sensitive documents.

Our Background Screening Partner

napbsNational Crime Search is NAPBS accredited. Leveraging their credibility and software, we are able to offer our clients affordable and reliable background screening services.

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