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ALAN P. HENRY, Staff Writer

ECZEMA PSORIASIS CLOSE UP DRY FLAKEY SKINOne man ordered a DNA test to make sure his infant son was his following in vitro fertilization.

A woman wanted to find out what allergies were causing her mysterious skin rashes.

A small contractor, needing to know that his employees were drug-free, learned that one of his tradesman had tested “hot” for cocaine and marijuana.

“This guy could have put me under,” the contractor later said.

All three were clients of InOut Labs, owned by lifelong Glenview resident Tim Thoelecke Jr.

The company, founded in 2012, offers confidential lab testing for individuals (including STD and HIV tests, allergies and food sensitivity testing, DNA relationship testing admissible in court); a full range of drug and alcohol testing for businesses; and corporate wellness screenings. All told, the Morton Grove company offers more than 700 tests.

“Life’s toughest questions require quick, honest answers,” the 1982 Glenbrook South graduate said. “If you or your employee has a health or some other issue, wouldn’t you want to know?”

InOut Labs also does background checks.

“Sex offenders, violent criminals and thieves won’t pass our comprehensive screening,” Thoelecke said.

After GBS, Thoelecke attended Duke, then received a graduate degree at the Inchbald School of Design in England. He founded the American Academy of Landscape Design, LLC and was owner/president of Garden Concepts, Inc., among other businesses.

He and Chris, his wife of 20 years, have three teenage children.

Ready for a change of vocation, Thoelecke turned to the testing industry because it is a growth industry, delivers a replicable product and “had a good positive message.”

He is a DATIA Certified Professional Collector Trainer and a certified Breath Alcohol Technician Trainer. All drug and alcohol testing is conducted in accordance with Federal Drug-Free Workplace guidelines and standards set by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association. InOut Labs is a member of DATIA, the industry’s leading professional association. Most tests are done off site.

The principle byword at InOut is confidentiality.

“Confidential lab tests are not sent to your doctor, spouse, employer, or insurance company unless you choose to share,” Thoelecke said.

He noted, for example, that an individual might not want their insurance company or work or even their spouse to know their business.

“They don’t want it on the record that they are being tested for cholesterol or diabetes or an STD,” he said. “Even if a test comes back negative, do you really want it on your record?”

Walk-in clients also come to InOut Labs because they don’t have health insurance, or have a high deductible.

“Any test your doctor might order for you you can order for yourself without the hassle of having to go through them,” he said. Those tests can also be up to 80 percent cheaper through InOut, he said.

Occasionally, clients ask if a positive drug test results in trouble with the law.

“No, we don’t call the police, but that doesn’t mean all is well,” Thoelecke said. “Sometimes an individual tests positive for cocaine or some other illegal drug. Are we obligated to turn the person in? Thankfully, no. We don’t make that judgement.”

Roughly 70 percent of In- Out Labs’ business is drug testing for businesses.

“They are worried about injuries and workers compensation claims. And they get frustrated when people aren’t very productive because they are not fully present,” Thoelecke said.

Looking forward, Thoelecke plans to clone InOut Labs in other markets, perhaps in a few years, and is considering building a mobile unit, as well. Tim Thoelecke Jr., the president of InOut Labs, is a lifelong Glenview resident.