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Breath Alcohol Testing

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence an estimated 15 million full time workers in the United States are heavy drinkers. Our workplace alcohol testing solutions are accurate, reliable and conducted using an Evidential Breath Test device listed on the NHTSA conforming products list.

A breath test is well known as a law enforcement tool to detect drunk drivers, but it is used for employment and other purposes as well. Breath alcohol testing is an integral part of the random drug and alcohol testing requirements for federal testing under the regulations of the US DOT

Same As Blood

The result from EBT (Evidential Breath Test device) is identical to the result you would obtain from a blood test. Since there is no blood to draw, the test can be conducted just about anywhere by a trained BAT (Breath Alcohol Technician). The result is available immediately and painlessly.

An EBT, or breathalyzer, generates three copies of the results, with a unique serial number, and can distinguish between alcohol and acetone. It Is called “evidential” because, when conducted by a certified BAT, the results will hold up in court.

Why Would You Conduct A Breath Alcohol Test?

Reasons for breath alcohol testing include pre-employment, random, suspicion or post-accident. In some instances breath alcohol testing is required for return-to-duty or follow-up testing after an employee has failed a test.

Other Reasons

  • Custody cases

  • Court requirements

  • Healthcare students before beginning clinical rotations

How Breath Alcohol Testing is Performed

A certified Breath Alcohol Technician will verify your identity and complete an Alcohol Testing Form (ATF). A fresh mouth piece (looks like a straw) is inserted in the breathalyzer and the BAT provides you instructions about when and how to blow=. When an adequate amount of breath is collected , the BAT will then show you the result. Three printed copies of the result are affixed to 3 copies of the ATF, one of which is provided to you.

If the result is not negative, a second test is conducted after a 15-minute wait. Residual mouth alcohol can be responsible for inflating a test result, so the 15-minute wait is designed to eliminate any chance of residual mouth alcohol to adversely affect the result. Myths associated with Alcohol Testing

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