Personalizing health care story

” I came to InOut Labs for food sensitivity testing because of something my (healthnut) girlfriend said: She was feeling sick– eating healthy foods! She did the food sensitivity testing and found out she was sensitive to eggs! “

Eggs:  a good healthy food – just not good for her.

Made me wonder … I was eating healthy, not feeling great all the time, and certainly not losing weight, or when I did, not able to maintain the loss.

I kept thinking about what she said, and I wanted the same information for myself – and everyone (including my doctors) tried to talk me out of this testing saying—if you think you don’t feel good from a certain food – just don’t eat it! But how was I to know for sure? – and how would I be able to separate all the parts of all the foods with elimination diets? And how much time was I willing to devote to finding the answers by myself (elimination diets take forever!)? And – oh, by the way – I am not a doctor- how would I know I was interpreting the information correctly?

One day I woke up and said: I am doing this! I made an appointment with Tim at InOut Labs, and within a week had the most interesting information to work with. First, I too, have sensitivity to eggs, the very protein I was using in most of my dieting efforts. That explained a lot! In addition, I was surprised to find sensitivity to other seemingly “safe” items like: garlic, oregano, black& white pepper, vanilla, milk, wheat, and green beans!

Why am I so excited with this information? Following this testing – I joined a program to lose weight (Results 22, in Glenview). This program unto itself is a great program, and without this information, I probably still would not have had success, because I would have continued to use food- that is healthy – but not healthy for me. Armed with this knowledge, I was able to participate in this program, adjust my food choices to respect my body’s needs and now I proudly brag about the great results I am enjoying. I know the main difference in my experience on this diet (from the other million diets I have participated in) is that I began the program with knowledge, and there is nothing more useful and valuable than knowledge!

Speaking of value – the dollars I spent on this test were some of the best dollars I have ever spent on myself – because now for the next 40+ years of my life, I can live comfortably and healthy, making good choices – not best guesses. What is your comfort worth? For me – it is less than $12 year for the rest of my life to know how I can enjoy eating and still feel good! Such a deal!

As with any great progress in life – it will usually always be a work in progress.
That is certainly true for me. I had become pretty savvy about making good food choices – and proudly enjoyed a plate of plain roasted turkey and steamed cauliflower at Thanksgiving. About an hour later – I had one of those old reactions – stuffy nose, discomfort, etc., like I used to when I ate “full plates” in the past. Made no sense – I ate all the “right things”! I called the hostess and asked about the preparation of the turkey and learned it was seasoned with Italian seasonings – yes – garlic and oregano! What a joy to learn of this, for 2 reasons: first, it verified the testing; and second, when I reach my goal weight, I know that I will be able to enjoy (in moderation) many of my old favorites because they were not the “food monsters” I thought they were, it was just the spices!

Now my knowledge is valuable and delicious!!

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