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Random Drug Testing

Random Drug Testing is the single most effective deterrent to drug use in the workplace. Because it is conducted randomly without advance notice it’s difficult for a drug user to prepare by substituting clean urine. We take care of all the random selections for you to protect your liability.

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Why use drugs on Saturday if you know there is a chance you will get a tap on the shoulder on Monday?

Drug users know how to cheat a scheduled drug test.

Cheat? You bet. Common ways drug users try to beat a drug test include diluting or substituting.

Diluting simply means they drink lots of water — so much that their urine becomes so watered down that a lab can’t detect anything, including drugs. The lab will report a dilute specimen as such, but then the employer is stuck (usually) with ordering (and paying for) a retest. This post explains it pretty well.
Substituting is just what it sounds like. A donor smuggles in clean or synthetic urine to substitute for her own. Many get caught. Some don’t. The advantage of random testing is they don’t have the opportunity to prepare.
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