When Is a Probation Drug Test Necessary?

A probation drug test can be required in many cases. For instance a legal battle involving child custody. Or a case where the individual has to prove in the court of law that he’s sober and hasn’t consumed alcohol or abused drugs.

A probation drug test is usually court-ordered and random in nature.

Probation Drug Testing Procedures and Methods

Normally you’ll be told what sort of probation drug test you should take. Whether it’s 5 panel, 10 panel or expanded panel. And the method of drug testing, so urine or hair or breathe. If not, you’ll need to ask.

Probation drug tests are also required to be observed in some cases. Mostly in urine probation drug tests.

In this video we explain the different aspects of a probation drug test and what you need to know before you order one.

We’ll also cover the types of drug tests and alcohol tests in the video. If you wish to order a court-ordered or a probation drug test. You can do so online here: https://inoutlabs.com/order or give us a call on 847-657-7900