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Where Lab-based Oral Fluid Drug Testing Shines

  • Urine collection facilities are inconveniently located
  • Post-accident or Suspicion Testing
  • You want to save a few dollars and collect specimens in-house, but don’t like the “ick factor” of urine

Note that lab-based oral fluid drug test has not yet been approved for DOT-regulated companies.

Why Use InOut Labs for Lab-based Oral Fluid Drug Testing?

As with urine or hair drug testing, when you drug test with InOut Labs you can expect:

  • Outstanding Personal Service – Talk to an actual human being who knows you and your company.

  • Fast Results – We put them in your hands, even over the weekend.

  • Reduced Liability – Our MRO (an MD) reviews all test results. This is important.

  • Web Dashboard – See the status of test results in real time.

How Lab-based Oral Fluid Drug Testing Saves You Money

  • Simply put, you collect the cheek swab specimen with your own staff, so the cost of collection is eliminated. It takes only a few minutes. And we’ll train you.

  • We provide training, custody and control forms, prepaid shipping.

  • As with urine testing, our MRO reviews all results and they arrive automatically in your in box.

Oral Fluid Drug Testing vs. Urine Drug Testing

– Oral Fluid Drug Test, performed with a cheek swab, is sometimes called Saliva Drug Testing, and is very difficult to cheat as the collection is witnessed or directly observed.

– ven though the detection window for oral fluid drug tests is shorter than for urine drug tests, the labs are reporting a higher percentage of positive drug tests with oral fluid drug testing.

– Lab-based oral fluid drug testing with a cheek swab will detect more recent use of the drug particularly for marijuana. The narrow but immediate detection window makes oral fluid drug testing a natural choice for reasonable suspicion testing and for post-accident testing.

– Lab-based oral fluid drug testing may be right for your company, especially if urine testing centers are inconvenient. And you may save a few dollars too. Lab-based oral fluid drug testing with InOut Labs is convenient, affordable and just as defensible as urine drug testing. And you may even detect more users than you do with urine.