The Cardio IQ Test Panel
This test could save your life.

Cardio IQ Test can reveal heart disease risks that conventional cholesterol tests miss. See below for a real-world example.

Half of all patients hospitalized for cardiovascular disease have “normal” cholesterol.  Is cholesterol the enemy? Or are there other forces at work?

Cholesterol Basics

In a standard lipid panel, we test for HDL (the “good” cholesterol), LDL (the “bad” stuff), Triglycerides (fat) and Total Cholesterol. Most treatments take into account the lipid panel, blood pressure and your age. The Framingham Index is the tool many doctors use when prescribing treatment.

But what about the 50% of heart patients who have “normal” numbers? Certainly there are other factors at play.

Cardio IQ Panel goes beyond the Basics

One such factor is the size and number of the cholesterol particles. As a somewhat simplistic explanation, small ones are more likely to get stuck in the walls of your blood vessels. Larger ones don’t. The Cardio IQ Panel will measure your particle sizes.

Example of a Cardio IQ Report

Let’s take a look at the Cardio IQ results from a 52-year-old male. HDL, LDL and Triglyceride levels are in the normal or low risk range. Most doctors would assume everything is fine.

But when you look at the LDL-P, and HDL-P numbers, they are clearly in the red. This individual is likely to be one of the 50% who have heart attacks, but who have “normal” cholesterol, unless he does something to reduce that risk.

Cardio IQ Test Panel

Sample of Cardio IQ Test Panel (Click to Enlarge)

Features and Benefits

  • You can order the Cardio IQ panel without a doctor’s order at InOut Labs
  • Each Cardio IQ test gives you access to the 4MyHeart program (
  • You receive a 30-minute phone consultation with a Clinical Educator to help you understand the Cardio IQ results
  • You receive an easy-to-understand report that shows the true state of your heart