Sometimes a regular visitor to our clinic brings a gift of appreciation for staff. Usually it is baked goods, a gift card, or a Starbucks.

Today we received we received something special. “It’s really good stuff a buddy in California sent me,” he says. He was in for something other than a drug test, so may not be fully aware of the drug testing part of our business.

Take a close look.

Its is THC vape cartridge. It is also VERY POTENT with a THC content of 92.3%! What does that mean?

For those of a¬†certain age, in the 70’s and 80’s the THC content of marijuana on the street was in the 2-3% range.

It’s not the same stuff. Today’s THC products are stronger and cause stronger and longer-lasting impairment.

Legal cannabis is here to stay, and its use will become more and more common. It is critical to workplace safety for employers to be permitted to test for it and to impose consequences for positive test results.