And 40% don’t do pre-employment drug screening (2010 SHRM survey). Bad idea. In fact, random testing of existing employees is a better deterrent than pre-employment testing. You can study for the pre-employment test.

A couple of months ago we took  on a new client. It’s a small business with fewer than 20 employees, so everyone knows one another fairly well. Or so they thought.

In a small company, mistakes, accidents, absenteeism, etc. are a lot more painful than they are for larger companies. An accident or workers comp claim can be devastating. The owner of this company recognized that, and —with our help —introduced  a random drug testing program.

He did all the right things.

He created a company policy and had all team members sign off on it, and gave employees notice that they will begin testing. To kick off the new program, they held a testing event where everyone in the company was tested, including owners and management.

All passed. Except one. Even though this employee knew the testing was coming, he still failed tests for both marijuana and cocaine. This guy drove a company vehicle every day. He worked with tools that could cause injury. And he worked in people’s homes and businesses. The owner was mortified, and glad that the situation was handled before someone got hurt.

Up till then, he was was among the 64%. Now he’s not. Good choice.

What’s your company policy? Contact us for info.