Why Choose InOut Labs Over a Local Clinic for Drug Testing?

Many employers work with a local clinic for their drug testing services. For many it is not ideal.

InOut Labs is a better choice for most.

WhatInOut LabsLocal clinic
SpecialismOur business is testing and compliance. We don’t treat sick people, injuries or handle workers comp claims. We test and we’re good at it.Many have high turnover and don’t understand drug testing. They prioritize their higher-profit customers who are injured or sick and you will often wait.
Testing Centers18,000 Nationwide Test Centers, so we can serve all of your locations, or help you test that new hire in a different cityLocal testing only, and you may have to scrounge to test a new hire in a different location. Or use more than one vendor.
Paperless Test OrderingThousands of sites electronically enabled for DOT and non-DOT testing.N/A – local testing only
All results Medically ReviewedFour full-time MROs and 12 MRO assistants reduce delays in processing results. MRO review reduces your liability.Sometimes included. Sometimes extra charge. Often in-house MRO is not qualified or has other duties, slowing down results.
Test Results DeliveryResults delivered immediately and automatically to you. Our web platform is tops in the industryResults often double handled, and are delivered when staff has time to clear out the inbox.
Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion TrainingBoth live and web-based. Meets DOT requirement that all supervisors be trained. Non-DOT trainings available too.Generally not available.
Criminal Background ChecksEasy and available so you have only one vendor.Generally not available.
Random TestingBoth DOT and Non-DOT random testing management. We manage the process for you. No more uploading your employee list.Sometimes.
DOT ComplianceIt’s more than random drug testing. If your employees are regulated by any of the DOT’s agencies (FMCSA, FAA, FRA, FTA, PHMSA), your obligations extend far beyond drug testing.Often offer drug testing, and sometimes physicals.