Drug Testing in Kentucky

InOut Labs provides Drug Testing and other services in many cities and towns throughout the State of Kentucky.

Services available in Kentucky from InOut Labs:

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Employer services in Kentucky include Drug and Alcohol Testing and DOT Consortium Management.

Kentucky employers with a drug-free workplace program generally test employees under the following scenarios:

Same day testing is available, and most Kentucky Drug Testing centers are within minutes of your home or office. Some locations offer same day drug test results.

Drug Tests are conducted primarily with urine, but are also commonly conducted using oral fluid (saliva) or hair.

Alcohol tests are urine (EtG), saliva, or breath.

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IF YOU ARE AN EMPLOYER, a Corporate Account may be what you need.

Substance abuse costs employers $81 billion per year.

Many employers in Kentucky conduct workplace Drug Testing. Some test because they are required to, and others because they value a safe, productive, drug- free workplace.

DOT Testing Registration
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Do you have a written drug and alcohol policy?

Kentucky employers should have a written drug free workplace policy. DOT employers are required by the regulations to have a written policy.

Need help? InOut Labs provides affordable drug-free workplace policies that include federal requirements, as well as issues specific to the state of Kentucky

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Do you need a Court Ordered Drug Test in Kentucky? Look no further.

Kentucky has a number of drug testing locations that provide drug and alcohol tests for custody or probation drug tests. Make sure you let us know if a collection needs to be directly observed, as not all locations can do it.

InOut Labs will send the results wherever you direct us when you order your drug test.

InOut Labs provides DOT-compliant testing services to the following regulated industries:

  • FMCSA – Employers of CDL drivers
  • FAA – Aviation Industry
  • FRA –  Railroad Industry
  • FTA – Federal Transit/Public Transportation
  • PHMSA –  Pipeline Industry
  • USCG – Coast Guard /Maritime Industry