Not surprisingly this is a common search term: “drug test near me.” Maybe that’s how you found this page!

The answer is fairly simple. You can get a drug test near you … right here!

Drug testing is an interesting business. Even though InOut Labs is located in the suburbs of Chicago, we have clients all over the country. Clients benefit from our robust software platform and national network of testing centers which allow us to conduct drug tests in thousands of locations all over the United States.

And that means you can order a drug test near you!

Most of the time people are looking for a local drug testing facility. It makes sense. No one wants to travel a long way if they don’t have to. A local drug testing facility is usually the best answer. “Can I order a drug test near me?” you ask. Of course!


One of the many things we excel at is serving employers who have more than one location. Some industries call it “multiple rooftops.” For example, if the HR department is in New York, but employees are in San Francisco, Omaha, Detroit, and Dallas, it really doesn’t matter. The Drug testing can be quarterbacked from one location or many. Each employee can go to a local drug testing facility.

And all the results are sent where they need to go. Automatically.

For employers who are tired of managing multiple vendors, InOut Labs can simplify the whole thing!


There are many individuals who order a drug test through our website. Very simple. You order a drug test and provide a sample at a testing location close to you. If you order a drug test on our website most of the time you can go in for testing the very same day.

If you order an instant or rapid test you might even receive your results the same day.

You ask, “Where can I get a drug test near me?” Right here!

About InOut Labs:

InOut Labs offers a complete drug testing solution to employers all over the country. Whether they have one location or offices in multiple locations, InOut Labs makes it easy. In addition, through online training programs, keeping you informed about changing laws related to drug and alcohol testing, and by helping you with a drug-free workplace policy – we can help you maintain a safer work environment.

With your company’s drug testing account with InOut Labs, you can order a test from almost anywhere in the United States for your employees.

DOT-regulated businesses or Non-DOT employers

The fact that you can drug test locally is valuable to all concerned. And it’s seamless.

Let us know if you have any questions.