InOut Labs’ Timothy Thoelecke achieves CSAPA certification to become Certified Substance Abuse Professional Administrator

Thoelecke is now one of 64 Certified Substance Abuse Professional Administrators and is recognized as a specialist demonstrating proficiency in the field

InOut Labs, a drug and alcohol testing organization, has officially announced that founder Timothy Thoelecke has passed the CSAPA exam and is now one of 64 Certified Substance Abuse Professional Administrators in the United States.

The CSAPA exam tests the expertise of an individual in the management of federally regulated drug and alcohol testing compliance for the transportation industry for employers regulated by the US Department of Transportation.

The proctored exam contains 150 questions covering various categories and subjects. The CSAPA is the highest-level certification offered and some government contracts state that only CSAPAs may bid for them.

Founded in 2012, InOut Labs has provided expert services to private employers around the US, as well as government agencies. InOut Labs is Department of Transportation Drug Testing compliant and provides a variety of services for both small and large organizations. Based in Morton Grove, Illinois, InOut Labs also offers DNA Paternity Testing, Clinical Lab Testing, and much more. The company works with employers and individuals to provide testing locations convenient to its clients, wherever they may be.

In 1991, the US Congress passed the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act, which requires Department of Transportation agencies to test employees for drugs and alcohol use. Safety-sensitive transportation employees are required by federal regulations to be tested.

Companies with employees regulated by the US Department of Transportation can work with InOut Labs to gain high-quality drug and alcohol testing compliance. Small employers with one to 500 drivers can rely on the expertise provided by InOut Labs. The CSAPA certification showcases the expertise InOut Labs possesses along with the counsel clients need.

Clients can learn more about InOut Labs by visiting the company’s official website. Clients can book testing on-site or at of InOut Labs’ network locations.


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