Well, it wasn’t actually a bar. But it WAS a guy. And  he DID walk in.

Two weeks ago, a man came into our clinic and asked if he could pay for his own drug test.

Why, you may ask, would someone do that?  Is the math that baffling?

Once he was comfortable that this was a confidential conversation (It was.), he volunteered how many days it had been since the last “event,” and demonstrated his familiarity with cut-off levels and other drug-speak. “This isn’t the first one of these I’ve paid for,” he told us.

This guy passed his test in our location and most likely passed his pre-employment test. Will he remain drug-free? Not likely.

His new employer just hired a drug user. If the company’s drug testing ends at employment, they most likely have a problem on their hands.

How would you like to be his future employer? How would you like to be the person who works next to him? Or be the one who gets to fix his mistakes, or cover for him when he doesn’t show up for work?

The only true deterrent to substance abuse in the workplace is random testing. Period.