Needle pain evokes terror in many children. Adults too, for that matter. The Buzzy Bee™  makes it easy, less stressful and painless – for all involved.

It was actually a customer who told us about it. Yes, we listen to our customers. This mother told us it took the fear and pain away for her child. So we got one.

And it works!

That’s what InOut Labs is about: making testing painless.

Whether it’s a blood draw, drug test or DNA paternity test, our goal is to make things easy for our customers.

Our drug testing clients are busy.

Often they are small business owners who don’t want to worry about impaired, unsafe and unproductive workers. They don’t have the time or patience for it, nor do they have the time or patience to deal with too many steps when drug testing new hires, or managing random drug testing.

Or they are busy HR professionals, who are overwhelmed juggling employee conflicts, finding and training new hires, managing health plans and other benefits, while trying to stay compliant with FMLA and other laws.  When they work with us, there is one less worry. We make testing painless. We make it easy.

And individuals who come to us for any kind of test — or a B12 shot – don’t have to wait very long, don’t need a doctor’s order and are not faced with the enormous costs that hospitals charge for lab tests.

It’s easy with InOut Labs. The Buzzy Bee is our mascot of sorts.