It’s really frustrating when I speak with a DOT-regulated employer who has no interest in complying with the federal regulations when it comes to DOT drug testing. Sometimes, sadly, they are our own clients. More often they are prospects who pretend that non-compliance with DOT drug testing regulations is not a problem. Until it is a problem, of course.

Sure there are fines (big ones), but more importantly, SOMEONE COULD DIE.

Non-compliance with DOT drug testing regulations is a safety hazard, and it’s costly.

Fines are assessed on a per-instance basis. If the average fine for a compliance issue is $3,000, an employer with 10 drivers can quickly rack up $30,000 in fines.

In 2015 the FMCSA assessed fines totaling more than $15 million for non-compliance with DOT drug testing requirements.

  • A bus company in FL was fined 10,960 for not doing Pre-Employment DOT Drug Tests.
  • A trucking company in NJ was fined $25,580 for not doing Random DOT Drug Tests.
  • A tour bus company in MA was fined 9050 for not doing Random DOT Drug Tests.

There were nearly 1600 others like these in 2015 averaging $8900.

Is it worth the risk not to test?

Worse, do you want to be responsible if YOUR impaired employee bashes a minivan full of kids?

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