Morton Grove-based InOut Labs, which provides drug and alcohol and other wellness testings, recently expanded its services to include testing for food allergies and sensitivities that is cost-effective, timely and confidential. Plus, testing can be done without a prescription.

Glenview resident Tim Thoelecke, Jr., owner and president of InOut Labs, founded the company in June 2012 and is constantly finding new ways to expand his customer base. Taking a cue from the rise of allergies and other food sensitivity issues, he introduced a service that can help people source their mysterious skin rashes, discover reasons for bloating or irregular digestion, and confirm connections between certain foods and depression, including mood swings.

“I want to help people take charge of their wellness,” says Thoelecke. “Identifying food sources that may be harmful or hinder optimal health and well-being is a great way to improve one’s quality of life.”
Location: 6449 Dempster St., Morton Grove. For more information, call 847-657-7900 or visit

The above appeared in Natural Awakenings.