Many businesses regulated by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) are considered essential business and have continued operating since the state-at-home orders began. Find out more details about DOT drug and alcohol compliance requirements.

These DOT regulated employers are not “off the hook” when it comes to DOT drug and alcohol compliance requirements.

Summary of the DOT guidance for DOT regulated employers:

  • You must comply with applicable DOT training and testing requirements
  • Even though DOT recognizes that compliance may not be possible in certain areas due to the unavailability of program resources, you should make a reasonable effort to locate the necessary resources.
  • As a best practice at this time, employers should consider mobile or on-site collection services for required testing if fixed site collection facilities are not available.
  • Employers who find it impossible to comply with any portion of the regulations must document the reasons why and always defer to the regulations themselves.

IMPORTANT: Employers should not use the COVID-19 crisis as an excuse not to get complete random testing. Employers operating on quarterly random testing have until June 30th to complete selections provided for the 2nd quarter. As before, it is important that you do not notify the employee of his or her random test until you are ready to send him/her for immediate testing. Remember that the regulations require that upon notification of selection the employee must report immediately for testing.