Tim’s article entitled “What is the Cost of a Bad Hire?” was published in the Summer issue DATIA Focus, the flagship publication of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association.

An excerpt:

In today’s world where the news is saturated with stories of fentanyl overdoses, opioid addiction, exploding meth labs and legal marijuana, much of the public is numbed to the problems associated with drugs in the workplace.

As of this writing, the national unemployment rate is the lowest in decades and employers are tempted to lower their standards just to find warm bodies to employ. Using drug use as a disqualifying factor for someone who otherwise meets employment criteria has become a frustration for some employers. Many need a reminder of why they drug test in the first place.

What is the cost of a bad hire?

Thirty Percent.

Hiring the wrong employee costs at least 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings. But the true cost of a bad hire is more than financial. Some costs are measurable, but collateral damage like lost productivity, reduced efficiency, damaged morale and lack of employee engagement caused by a bad hire are immeasurable.

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Tim Thoelecke is the CEO and founder of InOut Labs, a national provider of employee drug testing services and a local provider of direct-to-consumer health tests.