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Aurora man charged with using someone else’s urine to pass drug test

Aurora police said a man used someone else’s urine in an attempt to pass a drug test Monday morning.

Miguel Torres, 18, 200 block of Beach Street, Aurora, showed up for an appointment at the Kane County Probation Office, 1300 N. Highland Ave. in Aurora, around 11:11 a.m., police said.

Torres was required to do a drug screening and immediately asked to take the test as soon as he arrived, police said.

Police said when a probation officer tested the urine’s temperature to make sure that Torres wasn’t attempting to defraud the screening, the sample’s temperature was not above the required 90 degrees.

The probation officer questioned Torres about the urine and he allegedly admitted that he had smuggled in someone else’s sample because he was concerned that he would have failed the test had he used his. Torres allegedly told police that he had been smoking marijuana recently.

According to police, Torres sneaked the urine in by storing it in a condom. Both the condom and the urine sample were confiscated by police.

Torres was charged with felony attempt to defraud a drug or alcohol screening, police said.