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Any lab test that any doctor may order, you can order for yourself, and at considerable savings. With many tests it’s best to have a trained professional interpret the results for you, but if you know what the numbers mean, why not let InOut Labs perform the test for you?

Whether you want a confidential STD test, or just want to keep an eye on your cholesterol numbers, you’re in control. Your doctor, spouse or insurance company won’t know, unless you tell them.

Most lab tests are derived from a urine, blood or a hair sample.  All are painless and quick.

With more than 700 tests available, chances are we can provide what you need.

Allergy Panels and Food Sensitivity Testing

Anemia Panel

Different types of anemia have different causes, though signs and symptoms can be very similar. Mild or moderate forms of anemia may cause few, if any, symptoms. Most common  are general fatigue, lack of energy, pale skin, dizziness, headaches. Order online

Auto Immune Panel

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Basic Check Up Panel

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  • CBC with Differential/platelet (learn more)
  • Comprehensive metabolic Panel, CMP, SMAC (learn more)
  • Lipid Panel w/ldl-hdl cholesterol ratio (learn more)

Cancer Screen Panels

Blood tests may help your physician determine if a form of cancer exists in your body. These are usually complemented with other tests run by your doctor. Cancer is still very difficult to test for with blood alone.

Female Cancer Screen Panel

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Male Cancer Screen Panel 

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Combative Trio (MMA)

For Mixed Martial Arts competitors. Order online

  • Hepatitis B (006395)
  • Hepatitis C (140659)
  • HIV (083824).

Heart Disease Prevention Panel

Your blood offers many clues to your heart health, and this panel will help predict whether you may be at risk for certain types of heart disease – Requires 12 hour fast prior to blood draw. Order online

Hepatitis C

See this blog post. Order online

Hormone Panels

Hormone panels can reveal specific hormone imbalances that may have an impact on vitality, performance, overall health & well-being.

Growth Hormone Panel

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Female Hormone Panel

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Male Hormone Panel

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Menopause Panel

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Insurance Physical Panel

Insurance physical coming up? Sure would be nice to know your lab results before they “count,” and keep it off your record for now. order online

  • Comprehensive metabolic Panel, CMP, SMAC (learn more)
  • Lipid Panel w/LDL:HDL cholesterol ratio (learn more)
  • Hemoglobin A1C (learn more)
  • Urinalysis, Routine  (learn more)
  • Nicotine urine
  • 10 Panel drug screen

Results 22 Panel

For clients of Results 22. Ask Ed or Colleen for discount code. Track how your health improves as you lose fat.  Many Results 22 clients end up overmedicated for high blood pressure and/or cholesterol, so you’ll need to talk to your medical professional about adjusting dosage if your results change dramatically. Yes, we can check your BP too (included). Order online

  • CBC
  • CMP
  • Lipid profile with HDL:LDL ratio
  • Vitamin D
  • Urinalysis Routine

STD Panels

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Testing – Under the strictest confidentiality, InOut Labs offers testing for all STDs. Some tests will even yield instant results. The patient is in full control of who sees the results – InOut Labs will not share any information unless otherwise directed by the patient. More info here.

Instant HIV

OraQuick ADVANCE® Rapid HIV-1/2 Antibody Test

STD Panel I 

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STD Panel II

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Trichomonas vaginalis (tv) is the most prevalent treatable sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the United States, with a prevalence recently estimated at 8.7% in women aged 18 to 81. Approximately 50% of women who test positive for infection have no symptoms. When to test: If you are sexually active, pregnant or considering pregnancy, or at increased risk for this sexually transmitted disease (STD); if you are a woman with symptoms of infection, such as a strong-smelling vaginal discharge, genital itching, and/or pain during urination; if you are a man who has the frequent urge to urinate and/or a discharge from the urethra.

STD Panel – Comprehensive

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STD Panel – Recent Exposure

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Thyroid Panels

Weight loss, fatigue or depression may be signs of a dysfunctional thyroid – learn more about thyroid panels

Thyroid Profile I

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Thyroid Profile II

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  • Free Thyroxine + T4
  • T3 Uptake (THBR)
  • Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)
  • Tri-iodothyronine (T3)
  • Thyroid Antibodies

More on thyroid panels

Wellness Panels

Wellness Panel – Female 

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Wellness Panel – Male

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